Delta Rainbow

The Irrepressible Betty Bobo Pearson

“Of all the amazing characters from the Mississippi Delta, Betty Pearson is one of the most admirable. As Delta Rainbow describes so nicely, Betty stood for social justice decades ago—at the cost of estranging friends and family—and she and her husband Bill have kept the faith as exemplary citizens into their 90s.”
—Curtis Wilkie

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Sally Thomason's Books

The Topaz Brooch

An emotionally gripping tale of a family's flight from religious oppression in 17th century Wales to tolerance and freedom in colonial America.  

"Full of rich detail of the time period and strong, believable characters, the story carries a beautiful undercurrent of spirituality and faith."


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The Living Spirit of the Crone
Turning Aging Inside Out

Striking new perspectives
on aging in light of science and faith. . . . 

Thomason's book weaves together scholarly research,  stories  of real women and courageous introspection that gives me much more to consider than the frantic worry that I'm no longer as thin, pretty, together as I once was.

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Sally Thomason's Books