The Living Spirit of the Crone

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 *  Thomason gives us a view of aging that is sane, scientific, and sensible.  In our youth-obsessed age we would do well to listen to her wisdom.

Larry Dossey, MD,

author of The Extraordinary  Healing Power of Ordinary Things

*  Unlike many in its field, this book really does deliver what its title promises.  With a scholar's tools and her singularly deft hand in employing them, Thomason mines the riches of the aging process, interlacing interviews and statistical reports with insights and applications.

Phyllis Tickle, 

author of The Divine Hours

*  This is a fascinating and exciting book - part history, part anthropology, some science, some medicine, part psychology and philosophy and theology - but principally it is a call to optimism, a call for us to realize that we are never finished but perpetually created - and for us to live fully, to fully live. 

T. Eaglemom,

Amazon reader

​​Turning Aging Inside Out

Sally Thomason's research and reflection on aging disclose the scientific and medical oversights and cultural biases that inform our attitudes toward aging.  It also, based particularly on the experiences of older women, proposes a strong, new holistic perspective that can overcome our cultural misconceptions and animate personal, medical and religious work by and with the aging.

- Publishers Weekly

- Fortress Press

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