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The topaz brooch, a simple gem stone, passed down from mother to daughter for over three centuries, carries an amazing tale of the faith, hardships, and courage of early settlers in colonial America.

This short novel makes recorded history, plus a touch of Celtic fantasy, come alive.  It tells of a Quaker family's harrowing flight from religious oppression in Wales in the 1680's. When they became convinced that they must risk everything for the right to worship freely, they made the heart wrenching break from their ancestral homeland, sailed for America and joined a small settlement of Quakers in the Delaware Valley.

Through compelling narrative about the courage, faith, and fortitude of two very different women, the author captures the challenges, triumphs and tragedies of immigrant families in those early days of colonial America and the part they played in the settling and founding of our country.

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Comments from readers --

*  This is really GOOD - beautiful story, exciting drama, crisp writing, emotionally gripping and a better history lesson - more real than any I have ever read in a textbook.

*   A story that will inspire discussion of the role women played in the establishment of religious freedom in a new country.

*   What a wonderful book this is.  Thomason weaves the history of her family, of the places, the times, so beautifully into the story.

*  An outstanding supplement for teaching history.

The Topaz Brooch